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Saturday, July 8th 2017
Peter Calo at Towncrier Cafe
379 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
7 - 8:30pm

Solo Performance with “Cherish The Ladies” following in the main room

Thursday, July 20th 2017
Peter Calo at Rockwood 3
185 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Peter Calo with Chris Marshak/drums and Jeff Eyrich/bass

Sunday, July 23rd 2017
Festival of the Arts at the Mohonk Mountain House
Heroes "Gone But Not Forgotten"
1000 Mountain Rest Road
12561 New Paltz

Tribute to some of the legendary songwriters who shaped the direction of the music we listen to. We will play the songs of Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Roy Obison, John Lennon, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Glen Frey Kurt Cobain and others. Joining me will be Lauren Fox vocals, Chris Marshak drums and Jeff Eyrich bass

Call 844-207-8455 for reservations

Saturday, July 29th 2017
Peter Calo at Lincoln Center Out of Doors
Damrosch Park
New York

AN EVENING WITH RUMER - featuring a special guest set by DIONNE WARWICK

Sunday, August 27th 2017
Peter Calo at Borderline Folk Music Club Tribute to Leonard Cohen
Germonds Park
185 Germonds Road, West Nyack, NY 10954
Noon - 6pm

There will be a group of invited singer songwriters presenting the music of the iconic songwriter, Leonard Cohen.

Time Machine

"Time Machine"
A new release
Peter Calo
En Route Records

I am pleased to announce that
my new CD, "Time Machine,"
is NOW available for purchase
through this website.

This is a collection of 8 original songs written over a few years.
It was truly a labor of love.
I was lucky enough to have some good friends to help me record these songs.

DRUMS - Jerry Marrota, Chris Marshak, Larry Ciancia
BASS - Pete Donovan
BACKING VOCALS - Steve Chizmadia
HARMONICA - Will Galison

Mixed by John Hegner

Mastered by Scott Hull

Cover Design Fiona Calo

Photos - Emmanuel Faure, Cary Davis

Get your copy here!

Check back for details for CD release concert!!!

" I have listened with great joy ...
This is excellent work...
Peter Calo's "Time Machine" is optly named, as these wonderful songs and their delicious and masterful musicality take us both through the past and into the future...
And know "Every Ordinary Day" is my current favorite... ;)"
-Michael McGlone

Hi Peter,
I'm listening to your album, and I love the mix of styles,
The unselfconcious vocals, and the smart lyrics!
I especially love "Elephants Never Forget".
It's a deep, lyrical and soulful 60s Rock/Pop song.
I hear it in a movie.
I hope many ears get to relish your work.
Your faithful songwriter, Sophie B. Hawkins

Your CD sounds fantastic.
Your singing, the arrangements, the mixes.
It's got great songs done to perfection.
I LOVE "Don't Ever Go Away", -
there have been a few times when I just found myself singing it in the shower.
It's a great song.
And "Ordinary Day" is a classic.
And "Sail Away" - well, it's stunningly beautiful!
Really stunning.
Ok, "Elephant" may be my absolute favorite song of yours ever.
And this track is so, so great.
And "If My Heart Was Yours" is so catchy, you can't keep still when you hear it,
and you go away with it bouncing in your head.
I never heard you sound better.
And, "Do I Love You Too Much" is terrific."
April Martin, singer, songwriter

“The guitar playing and interpretive skill of Peter Calo is a rare and stunning natural occurrence, like a meteor shower on a magical night on the prairie, or viewing the moon setting slowly on the ocean’s far horizon. Like those things, this album is a gift to be savored and treasured.”
- Richard Barone producer

Peter Calo


Video of Peter Calo playing Do I Love You Too Much at the Towne Crier in Beacon  

Video of "Do I Love You Too Much?"
Recorded at "The Towne Crier" in Beacon NY on November 7, 2014.
Peter Calo on guitar with Chris Marshak on drums, Tany Holt on vocals, and Malcolm Gold on bass.

Video of Peter Calo of Takin a Sip from Wired To The Moon  

Video of "Takin’ a Sip" from "Wired To The Moon"
Playin a Tippin "Bravado" made by Bill Tippin
from "Wired To The Moon" En Route Records
Tater Music BMI

Carly Simon, John Forte & Peter Calo on the Jimmy Fallon Show  

Jimmy Fallon Show - 11/11/2009:
Carly Simon Performs 'You Belong To Me'

featuring John Forte, Peter Calo & The Roots


PETER CALO is known for backing the likes of Carly Simon and Mary Gatchell
(which is where I saw him work), but he proves with "Wired to the Moon"

(petercalo.com) he is more than capable of holding his own. All the pop
singer-songwriter material here were either written by him, or collaboratively
with his wife Marianne. Calo is in total pop singer-songwriter mode here.

I was totally impressed by his vocals, which are soft and genteel without
being too soft or too genteel. I would
happily go see him perform solo, as
well as in backing-up mode. He's a talented songwriter, guitarist, and singer.
His songs are pull of shifting
melody lines and pacing. Some of my fave cuts
include the title cut, the other celestiial song "Full Moon Tango", especially
"Situation Totally". I was also in awe of his instrumental, "Takin' a Sip
(On a Horse-drawn
Carriage), which is total guitar in near bluegrass folk
form. Another song of note is the soul-inspired "Guns Are Not Enough".

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