Do You Remember Me


Wired To The Moon, CD coverart

lead vocal,  acoustic and electric guitar and cabasa:  Peter Calo
background vocals and vocal solo:  Mike Harvey
bass:  Ken Rich
drums:  Jerry Krenach

Do you remember me?
Do you remember me do you?

A cold dark night on the common
Thoughts freeze but you just can't forget them
Through this ice laying there to be stepped on
reflects a face that bares no trace of where it came from

Do you remember me do you?

Don't turn your back on the feeling still there
when the chips are down and you feel nowhere
Time heals still a moment lasts forever
when you dwell on the hardships life deals you

Do you remember me do you?

How can you think it's there forever
A life's so fragile anyone can fall

Do you remember me do you?


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