CREDITS to Wired To The Moon

Wired To The Moon, CD coverart

Produced by Peter Calo and Dominick Barbera
Executive Producer John Kiehl
All songs (except "Situation Totally Insane" and "Memory Of You") recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundtrack New York
"Situation Totally Insane" and "Memory Of You" recorded at Thin Ice Productions, North Andover, MA
 "Memory Of You" recorded and co-produced by Darleen Wilson with additional recording at Soundtrack New York
Additional recording on "Wired To The Moon" done at Parr Audio, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, Ma
Mastered by Dominick Barbera and Peter Calo
Assistant engineer, Matt Thrasher

All songs (except "Way Up On A Mountain", "Thinkin' 'bout You", and "Do You Remember Me?") written by Peter Calo
"Way Up On A Mountain", "Thinkin' 'bout You", and "Do You Remember Me?" written by Marianne and Peter Calo
All songs © & (P) in circle) Tater Music/ BMI 1998

It took me a little longer than I would have liked to make this recording.  But, man, it was fun all the way, from getting the tunes together with Ken and Jerry to recording them with Dominick, and having Lauren, Mike, Peter, Teese, Bob, Roger, Marty, and everyone else who came in to give of their amazing talents and insights.  I'm lucky and thankful to have such great friends and family.

For my Mother whose time came all too soon, and Fiona, her granddaughter.  Marianne, thank you!

Special thanks to John Kiehl, Dominick Barbera, Rob Caviccio & Soundtrack, Ken Rich, Jerry Krenach, Mike Harvey, Roger Kimball, Lauren Kinhan & Rob Markus, Bob Patton, Teese Gohl, Peter Adams (when you have talent like this, you just stand back and let them go!), Darleen Wilson, Dirk Ziff ("Takin' A Sip...." goes out to you), Roger Ceresi, Matt Thrasher, and Tom and Mary Creaser.

Last but not least to everyone who asked about this music.  Here it is, finally!  Enjoy!

- Peter

Photos:  Marianne Calo
CD graphic design:  Francesco Jost
Manufactured by Europa Disk


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